Jeffrey Muller, Violin Maker
11915 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064


"I have known Los Angeles violin and bow maker/restorer Jeffrey Muller for more than a decade, and have the pleasure of owning several of his instruments and bows. The tonal qualities of his instruments compare most favorably with the sound of fine older  Italian instruments and indeed in blind listenings; and have  been chosen over several great  Italian and French makers.-Phillip Levy, Violinist, Capitol Ensemble

“Jeff Muller’s violins offer effortless projection, elegant sound, and a subtlety of response--qualities which are rare in modern instruments.  In a recent performance, many people were surprised that the violin that I performed on was a 2014 Jeff Muller instead of my Storioni or Guarneri.”  –Roberto Cani, Concert Master, Los Angeles Opera Orchestra.

"For me Jeff Muller is a real artist.  Fascinating, knowledgeable and generous with his time and skill. A visit to his shop is an adventure and a learning experience which I never want to rush because it is the most unique and special service. If Jeff has a violin he has finished, try it! He has made terrific violins. I personally have been doing my bow repairs with him and will always recommend him to my colleagues, friends and students." -Neli Nikolaeva, Soloist

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